Monday, July 15, 2013

Dear NRA... So Much For That


So much for the argument that "good guys" toting guns
Is the way that we'll protect our daughters and our sons.
Tell that to Sybrina Fulton; go tell Trayvon's dad.
Jury didn't seem to think George Zimmerman was bad...

Just a guy who tried to help protect his neighborhood.
Volunteered his time; believed that he was doing good.
Just a guy out in his car - patrolling - packing heat.
That's the guy who gunned an unarmed child down in the street.

If George had no gun then things would not have gone so far;
Would have done as he was told and sat tight in his car.
But he felt like Dirty Harry, caught up in the chase.
Gun gave him the courage to get in a scared boy's face.

You don't have to be a lunatic for kids to die,
All you need's a weapon and a tense, untrained "good guy."
Think the NRA and LaPierre will now recant?
Let's ask Trayvon Martin what he thinks...  Oh, right.  We can't.

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