Friday, July 12, 2013

Sincerest Apologies to My Future Team-Mates

I will be stinking up the course at Stowe Country Club, VT  soon.

It's been like a sauna for weeks.
At times, seemed the sky had sprung leaks.
It thundered and stormed,
Some tornadoes formed,
With flooding near rivers and creeks.

Some may play in this; I do not.
No fun when the weather's this hot.
Give me the canned air,
Have not been out there.
My golf game has suffered...  A lot.

But soon we'll be up North with friends;
(I think we all know how this ends)
My swing will be bad.
When team-mates get mad;
Buy drinks at 19 - make amends.


  1. LOL! It's been a brutal summer, just about everywhere. I'm hiding indoors. :)

    1. I've hidden inside - just like you.
      My AC is at 62.
      But since we have paid
      And tee times were made
      I guess I'll go sweat for a few.