Friday, March 20, 2015

Unsolicited Advice for Nigerian Voters

(Mr. Jones' artwork/Courtesy of

There is an election in Nigeria next week;
Yet another term that Goodluck Jonathan will seek.
Vote has been postponed for weeks 'cause fighting grew intense
When the army finally came to the North-east's defense.

Boko Haram's terrorized Nigeria for years.
Thousands died but only as this new election nears
Has the fight grown serious, 'cause controversy swirls
As the whole world questions why they can't Bring Back Our Girls.

General Buhari (the opposing candidate)
Stands a chance to make Goodluck a former Head of State.
Suddenly his war on terror has new urgency.
Jonathan's now interested in security.

It sure took him long enough...  And still more girls are gone.
6 years he's ignored the fighting that's been going on.
'though I'm glad he's ordered Boko Haram be attacked,
If I were Nigerian I'd vote to have him sacked.

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