Friday, March 27, 2015

Fear of Flying


Used to be a fan of flying...  Now, though?  Not so much.
I prefer my feet and solid ground to stay in touch.
Once I'd hop a flight to destinations near and far.
Nowadays I only go if I can go by car.

Wouldn't have a qualm if I were flying on my own
But a flight with my 2 sons - though both are fully grown -
Makes my stomach hurt to picture what it would feel like
Sitting with them, knowing that our plane's about to strike

Into buildings, oceans, mountains... Wanting to provide
Comfort, strength - while watching, helpless, as my children died.
I can't bear to think about them falling from the sky
Thus, this former aviator's now afraid to fly.

1 comment:

  1. like you, mrs smeej, i agree. the sky is not a safe place to be. I d rather by far be locked in my car , but i want all my loved ones with me.