Monday, March 16, 2015

Heee's Baack!

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10 days since the President of Russia last was seen.
Rumors have been flying; what does Putin's absence mean?
He has cancelled trips and meetings.  Could it be he's sick?
Is he flat in bed because his back has got a crick?

Is he in a power struggle?  Could this be a coup?
Is he in some private spot exchanging an "I do"?
Kremlin watchers speculate why he's been gone so long,
But they're only guessing and their guesses could be wrong.

He still makes his presence felt, however, in the press;
Blustering to cover up his economic mess.
Russians love his show of strength - besides, no-one would dare
Take a poke at Putin even when he isn't there.


You may disregard that rhyme 'cause Vladimir is back;
Put his Northern Fleet on full alert for an attack.
Not to worry...  "Just a drill," said Putin with a smile.
Bet his neighbors wish that he'd stayed missing for a while.

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