Monday, March 09, 2015

A Bad Week For Hillary

Hillary has not announced if she intends to run.
Even so, the week she's had could not have been much fun.
Hillary got pilloried by pundits in the press;
Just a taste of what's ahead if her decision's yes.

She used private e-mail servers when she headed State,
Breaking rules that she'd condemned in earlier debate.
Looking like a hypocrite - like rules do not apply.
When you are a Clinton, GOP expects a lie.

This just feeds their narrative...  Republicans believe
Mrs. Clinton's motivation's only to deceive.
Cover up Benghazi and mistakes she might have made;
This gives them the ammunition for which they have prayed.

I don't know why Hillary would run for President.
What is it she's won after her millions have been spent?
Criticism, controversy...  Thus, I have to ask
Why would Mrs. Clinton even want that thankless task?

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