Thursday, June 09, 2016

The Look

Image result for disapproving mom look memes
One of the earliest known images of "The Look."

Clinton's the presumptive Democratic nominee;
An important moment in the country's history.
This will be the first time that a major party's pick
For the highest office in the land will be a chick.

I think she's the perfect choice to take on Donald Trump.
When he opens up his mouth to take a verbal dump
She'll give him that look all women have...  You know the one;
It's the look you get from Mom for stupid things you've done.

There is not a man alive who can withstand "The Look"
It's not something they can learn from YouTube or a book.
Donald should be careful lest "The Look" become "The Glare."
That one has the power to uncurl his orange hair.

Image result for hillary looks like mom meme
The Donald tries "The Look" - unsuccessfully.

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