Monday, June 06, 2016

Walt Disney Made Me Cry, Again

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(I actually started weeping about 5 minutes before this scene.)
Saturday our youngest graduated Chelmsford High.
Band played Pomp and Circumstance and I began to cry,
Watching as his friends and he processed across the floor,
Got diplomas, tossed their caps...  And then I cried some more.

I've been very weepy lately. Watched Toy Story 3;
Mr. S. came in and caught the movie's end with me.
I was sobbing openly; he shed a tear or two.
We're both happy for our son but, still, I'm feeling blue.

He'll be heading off to college and can hardly wait,
Looking forward to his future life at Worcester State;
Making plans and saying his good-byes to all his friends...
While I sit and wonder at how quickly childhood ends.

I've been looking backward to when both our boys were young;
When their Buzz and Woody toys were casually flung
Into corners, under beds... The hours that I spent
Picking up those toys but, now, I wonder where they went.

I know I must look ahead because we can't go back;
Need to force a smile and help my college student pack,
Give him love and confidence so he can seize the day...
Then I might go look for Buzz and make sure he's okay.

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