Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Unsolicited Advice for Senator Sanders

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I like Sanders very much but do not "Feel the Bern."
I think that, like Hillary before him, it's his turn
To drop out and unify the Democrats behind
Hillary because Republicans have lost their mind.

Just like Trump - although not such a total horse's ass -
Bernie's making promises that Congress wouldn't pass.
We need someone with a chance of getting something done;
Out of all our choices, Hillary's the only one.

She's got the experience; she's been around the block.
Donald Trump... (forgive me, I'm still in a state of shock)
Calls her "crooked" - like the pot that called the kettle black -
Using Bernie Sanders' quotes as part of his attack.

Clinton's clinched the nomination. Bernie needs to quit;
Start supporting Hillary...  Stop acting like a twit.
Nothing matters more than making sure that Donald Trump
Loses in November...  Bernie, please get off the stump.

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