Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Decision Made

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Youngest son has picked a college; he chose Worcester State.
We just took the tour with him and thought the school was great.
It's the perfect place for him; somewhere he can excel...
If he puts the effort in, which only time will tell.

This bright apple of our eye fell not far from the tree.
 I know our son's really smart but he's a lot like me;
I am a procrastinator... Lazier than hell.
I'm afraid he may have those genetic traits, as well.

If so, I don't envy him.  His major, unlike mine,
Takes a lot of planning, work, and math but he'll be fine
If he got a single gene for logic from his dad
He will be the brightest star that Worcester State has had.

1 comment:

  1. Your poem's been read. Our color's Woo Blue.
    We wish we could rhyme as well as you!

    At Worcester State, we're thrilled to enroll your son.
    His attendance, your poetry...we feel like we've won!

    Your son will do great at WSU, so please take heart.
    We have lots of clubs, services, and sports for him to take part!

    Best wishes to you and your family this spring.
    Worcester State awaits. Questions? Give us a ring.

    Ryan G. Forsythe
    Vice President for Enrollment Management
    Worcester State University